At first glance this site may seem like a fan page made by a complete blink psycho.  Well it really isn't.  This site was originally made as a graphic arts project for a high school class.  We had to create a webpage, the subject being my choice.  Having such a complete lack of creativity and the deadline aproaching, I put together this blink page.  I figured that the web needed a good page to get accurate blink tabs, and this is it.  For what ever reason you may need to contact me: ZZ_monkey@hotmail.com.
As a update: I've now turned into a blink psycho, I blame it on this page.  Enjoy!
Summer Update: Blink 182 has completely changed my life. They were my gate-way drug into punk rock, for which I feel I'll be a diehard fan for life.  Their music compelled me to beginning playing the guitar.  There's always a tune of theirs I love to learn how to play.  I might actually want to make my profestion music.  They've changed the way I dress, and in many aspects, the way I act towards certain issues.  Where would I be without the trio? Well, no here and that's for sure.  Thank you, Blink 182.